Microsoft encouraged to leave Gmail

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 “You think Google respects your privacy? Think twice”. This is one of the phrases that Microsoft has entered into newspapers, radio and television to encourage people to stop using Gmail, the email service of Google, competition from her ex-Hotmail from Outlook July.


“Google knows every word of every Gmail sent or received, to sell advertising,” says Microsoft’s aggressive campaign, spearheaded by the word Scroogled, with the colors of the seeker. This word Scroogled is the nexus of a previous campaign, made ​​before the holiday shopping period, on that occasion was to deter the public to employ the services of Google search and came into his own, Bing.

The two campaigns, made exclusively in the U.S. market do not seem to have much effect on consumer behavior, as neither its search engine Bing has improved, or if it has been at the expense of Yahoo and Google. Neither seems slow now the popularity of e Gmail or Yahoo’s, in the United States are twice Hotmail users. Even worse is the situation of the Bing search engine, despite all the money invested.

In the shopping season, Microsoft is focused on attacking price comparisons and reviews pages, so it sued Google in the U.S. and in Europe, but in January, the U.S. administrative body ruled unanimously that the practices of Google no holding back competition. Now it’s up to the European Commission, and specifically the Department of Joaquin Almunia decide whether such practices are illegal or not. 

In this case, Microsoft’s campaign affects the privacy of e. Something more debatable, since the data mining of content is something they do every big free Internet services, as they used to earn income from advertising agencies. What makes Google’s behavior is no different fromFacebook, Twitter, Amazon or Microsoft.

Chris Gaither, Google spokesman told Bloomberg that no human reads the post. “The Google advertising remains free and many of their services,” he writes in an email Gaither. “We work for advertising to be sure, nothing intrusive and relevant.”

Microsoft calls this national campaign people to sign a petition to let Google scan the contents of the emails. In achieving this request, something that has not gotten out judicial jeopardy Google’s advertising business, but it is unlikely to achieve its purposes a company that, when he could, made performances against competition and was convicted.

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