Microsoft developers upset with secrecy to Windows Phone 8

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Microsoft is not all interested developers access to the developer kit (SDK) for Windows Phone 8th The measure of secrecy in many encounters with rejection, as recent blog posts show. A regulation called it a “cruel joke”.

Yesterday was the one responsible for the Windows Phone 8 Market Place, Todd Brix, announced in a blog post that you can take now accepting applications for the SDK. He limited but also, “developers of the most downloaded apps” in the Marketplace would get first access. The rest would have to wait because of the secrecy until the official launch of the operating system.For the same reason journalists were allowed in thepresentation of the Nokia Lumia 920 but put the device in your hand, but do not operate.

Brix: “We recognize that we handle with this approach, the availability of tools different from before. Our goal is to stir up much enthusiasm for Windows Phone 8 as possible with the sales start to attract new customers. This is one of many steps in this direction. “

The reaction of the developers fell partly from drastically. Under the handle ‘ishaih’ writes one: “If you only want the developers of apps with many downloads give access, it would be better to write directly to dismiss instead of other interested parties. If a platform is cut off so far, one should reject absolutely no developer. “Another expected that the SDK will be available somewhere online anyway.

Some developers have extended their claims to extra-MSDN licenses, in order to get early access to the SDK and to direct the launch of Windows Phone apps can offer 8. Under the name ‘WinPhoneDev’ writes one, “I can not tell you how disappointed I am. His own experience, Microsoft should make it clear what a bad idea that. What do you get when Microsoft focused on development and communication? Windows 7 And if the marketing is making the decisions? Vista. “WinPhoneDev closes with the remark that he would in future concentrate on Android.

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