Microsoft could also create your own smart watch

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The market for smart watches can become the next ring where he would beat the great fighters technology.Samsung has confirmed that work on a smart watch, Apple has dropped the iWatch could be a reality and not just a rumor and the division of Android of Google also appears to be developing one of these products. To all of them, just add Microsoft .



The Wall Street Journal says that the company Steve Ballmer began aa search garner Asian suppliers for components for your device earlier this year. The U.S. newspaper claims to have made ​​contact with sources close to the supply chain to get the information. However, there is no certainty that Microsoft will proceed with the distribution and sale of the gadget. What many will ask is … will this smart watch with Windows Phone ?

he first attempt of Redmond in this area occurred almost a decade ago. In 2004 Microsoft began working on a project called SPOT ( Smart Personal Object Technology ) whose first applications were smart watches able to use radio signals to send instant messages from Windows Messenger, news headlines and weather associated with a subscription service .

During a time watchmakers as Fossil, Suunto, Tissot and Swatch implemented the technology on some items. Four years later, production was stopped, although the MSN Direct service continued to support these watches until late 2011.

Coincidentally or not, last month Bill Buxton, a researcher at Microsoft, spoke at length about the long history ofsmart watches , which has now reached 37 years old.

Also remember that in September 2011 Microsoft signed a cross-patent deal with Casio valid for several years. With this agreement the company of Steve Ballmer got access to extensive information about Casio hardware, including PDAs, digital cameras, musical instruments, calculators and of course, watches.

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