Microsoft confirms the “downgrade” from Windows 8 to Windows 7

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After the launch of Windows Vista crashed, the ability to perform a “downgrade” to another operating system installed was particularly in the minds of users. The right to downgrade is also present in Windows 7, and as expected, Microsoft has confirmed that users of Windows 8 Pro buying a computer with preinstalled system, will be able to download both Windows 7 Professional as Windows Vista Business if they wish.

We are practically on autopilot until the launch of Windows 8 on 26 October. We know your tablet variant for Windows RT will be particularly studied both by users and by the press, since its goal is far more complex than its desktop counterpart has. But every time we talk about Windows 8 , the adoption factor comes into play. The new operating system is a huge change for Microsoft , a change that not all users are willing to accept at first. The most delicate continues its new interface , because it not only requires an adjustment period, but also hardware settings in some cases (for example, dedicated applications do not work on resolutions lower than 768p).

Still, there is a downgrade . This possibility gained much popularity in the era of Windows Vista , when millions of users purchased new computers and found that his new hardware had stability and compatibility problems (lot no drivers) , and a much lower yield due to that operating system.

 The rate downgrade to Windows XP was important, especially in the business environment (the numbers speak for 35 percent) , although the downgrade lost some substance with the appearance of Windows 7(which also allows downgrade to XP) , much higher to Vista in many ways. And now follows Windows 8 : Redmond has confirmed that users of Windows 8 Pro preinstalled on a new computer will have the right to downgrade to Windows 7 Professional and Windows Vista Business . 

There is even the chance that some manufacturers decide to deliver a Windows installation disc 7 along with the computer to make the process easier (or alternatively, sell those same systems with the hologram of Windows 8 and Windows 7 installed) , but will to wait a bit to see how many decide to take that route. now, if you’re thinking of the fine print, because there is . As you noticed, the right to downgrade also only apply to OEM versions, reaches Vista Business, so that Windows XP is not an option in any case. 

Redmond’s intention of burying once XP remains there for more than the operating system still has more than one year ahead extended support. How popular is this option to downgrade ?Probably not as much as it was with Windows Vista . Microsoft has learned from its mistakes, and Windows 8 has already demonstrated with ease that has no compatibility issues and / or performance of Vista. It is a choice for users, and as such,we welcome .

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