Microsoft bets on a tablet without 3G!

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The president of Microsoft Spain, Maria Garana, presented yesterday in Madrid RT Surface tablet, the company bet Redmond (USA) to compete with Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Unlike previous device families from California or Korean firm, the full range of Microsoft device lacks 3G connectivity, so the wireless Internet gadget should occur only through WiFi or Bluetooth.


According to experts consulted, “such technical limitation could be compared with the absence of WiFi on a smartphone, something hardly conceivable in this day and age.”

Given the above, users who purchase the Surface RT must assume that they can only navigate in WiFi environments, but without the performance and versatility of the tablets with access to mobile phone networks. Thus, Microsoft determines the use of the tablet on the outside, except in those precincts where there is wireless broadband access.

The latest example of tablet decided to give back to the 3G connection was the BlackBerry PlayBook, a model that enjoyed special prestige in the market, to the extent that the manufacturer decided to suspend production pending the new operating system, BlackBerry 10.

Microsoft sources confirmed yesterday the availability of its tablet Living in Spain, which will be available at major retailers of Fnac, the English Court, Media Markt, Saturn and Worten and through Microsoft’s online store (Microsoft Store). RT Surface tablet will be sold in the Spanish market in both 32 GB and 64 GB capacities, with a range of accessories and additional chargers, cables or peripherals. The Microsoft tablet incorporates USB 2.0 ports, HD video output, micro SDXC card slot.

The tablet incorporates RT Windows, Microsoft’s operating system optimized for tablets, and has 10.6-inch HD screen.

The second Tuesday of the month

Microsoft will remember for a long time called Patch Tuesday of this week, that is, the update package that the manufacturer distributes monthly on the second Tuesday of each month. For February, Microsoft detected 57 vulnerabilities that aims to overcome with 12 security updates, including two for its Internet Explorer browser and other office suite for Office and Outlook, the e-mail software. In addition, five new downloads are considered critical for the safety of equipment (for both Windows XP and Windows Vista Service Pack), while the remaining seven are considered “important”.

The last time Microsoft corrected many errors at the same time was April 2011, when he released a total of 64 security patches.

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