Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Yammer

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Microsoft has concluded an agreement for the acquisition of Yammer, a producer of software for social networking company, for $ 1.2 billion dollars (about 96 million euros) in cash. The Yammer software, Microsoft will strengthen its product characteristics of collaboration and sharing, an area where the company has lagged behind its competitors. In its announcement, Microsoft did not specify how the technology will be integrated Yammer, but said he will work to speed the deployment of software products such as SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics and Skype.

Yammer was founded in 2008, has about three hundred employees and will continue to be led by David Sacks, who will become part of the Office Division at Microsoft, whose chairman is Kurt DelBene. More than five million business users use the software Yammer, which is adopted in more than 85 percent of the Fortune 500. The software is available in a basic version for free, while other optional features are available by subscription.

The software ESN (Enterprise Social Networking) features provide the functionality of Facebook and Twitter, adapted for use in the workplace, including the profile of employees, the flow of activities, discussion forums, microblogging, sharing and document analysis.

The ESN products have spread in recent years as tools which, if implemented as appropriate alongside traditional applications such as email and instant messaging, can improve the way people work and collaborate, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Among the competitors to Yammer, the United States there are Jive Software, NewsGator, Socialtext and Tibbr. In addition to specialized companies like Yammer, the large software vendors such as IBM, Oracle, and Cisco, have added features to their nge suite of collaboration applications in the enterprise.

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