Microsoft and NASA allowed to land on Mars

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Portaltic / EP | MADRID Microsoft and NASA have collaborated to develop Mars Rover Landing, a game for Kinect that will allow users to engage with the space mission Curiosity Rover, will begin to explore Mars on August 6. The game allows Curiosity users interact with to put it down on Mars, all with the movement control Kinect .

The robots that NASA sent to Mars in recent years have made many people interested in the missions of the Space Agency. Specifically, it was a Rover Spirit that made thousands of people continue their work on the red planet. Spirit, which exceeded all expectations and projections about life, got the interest in the space mission and NASA wants to encourage attention users.

To achieve this, this time NASA has partnered with Microsoft. The aim has been warming up the engines for the start of the Mars Exploration Rover on the part of Curiosity, which starts on January 6. NASA and Microsoft have collaborated to create Mars Rover Landing, a free game developed by Fun Labs Kinect.

This is a simple title, in which users will have the task of guiding the Curiosoty the set point for landing. Taking advantage of recognition options Kinect movements, the users will use their body to indicate the direction and speed of the system, using the drivers to correct the trajectory of Curiosity towards the landing.

Since Microsoft has explained that the game is available in several languages. that help users to take land Curiosity Mars team can get avatar and achievements, setting incentives to try their luck with the game. This is a simple but entertaining title, designed to boost attention facing the 6th of August. The game is now available for download, which has no cost.

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