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We are 14 days of the official release of Windows 8 . As many of our readers have probably noticed, last Tuesday was the classic “second Patch Tuesday” , during which Windows 8 (and other systems) received several enhancements and fixes. However, it has launched Microsoft here goes beyond a simple hotfix. In fact, seeks to implement a scheme through which users can receive updates while OEMs, and access any adjustments long before than delay the preparation of a Service Pack.

If you’ve been looking for information about Windows 8 in the last few hours, you may have encountered some training videos for sellers. The videos reveal nothing not already know about the operating system and interface issue, but it is interesting that   Microsoft has acknowledged that Windows 8 will require some time to adapt, especially considering the amount of computers and tablets that will preinstalled operating system. In addition, Windows 8 has also received a recent cumulative update , although not yet available . New patches also apply to Windows Server 2012, which is between us since the first days of September, but apparently there’s a good reason behind this great advance (about 170 megabytes for 64-bit edition) .

According to the words of Steven Sinofsky , there is a period of eight to twelve weeks between RTM and the launch of a new operating system. During that time, Microsoft is responsible for developing Windows elements associated with that may improve compatibility and performance against new hardware and software to be used by OEMs in their final products. These items come in the form of updates, and although they could be applied to other systems in general are usually not available to the end user until it is delivered the first service pack . From improved their test automation systems, Microsoft has implemented a new scheme “accelerating” these updates “post-RTM” , therefore, all copies of Windows 8 will be also updated at the time of its debut.This new cumulative update focuses on details of great relevance to the user, starting with improvements in energy efficiency that increase battery life, performance tune both in the home screen as Windows 8 applications, improvements in playback of audio and video, and greater compatibility of drivers. This is a positive decision by Microsoft , but installs the question of what happens to the concept of service pack as we have known it.It was about the moment of truth for Windows 8 , and although not the only operating system to see the light in October, will certainly receive the most media attention.



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