Microsoft and Huawei sold African economic cell

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The U.S. computer group Microsoft partnered with Chinese manufacturer Huawei to launch an economic cell in Africa, announced its Vice President Ali Faramawy the region, in a blog posted Monday night on a specialized site. ‘s new smartphone, Huawei 4 Afrika baptized, using the new operating system Windows 8, and will be equipped with a series “designed to Africa,” he said. This device is the first of a series of phones, which will be aimed at students, IT developers, but also new clientele who may have access to better technologies, Faramawy said. On his blog, Faramawy stresses that currently only one cell out of 10 sold in Africa is a smartphone.According to the New York Times the new device will be sold for around $ 150 . 4Afrika The Huawei will be marketed initially in seven countries: South Africa, Angola, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria. responsible Another Microsoft quoted as saying, Fernando de Sousa, said the group plans to launch phones designed to Africa together with the Finnish Nokia, its number one ally. 4 Afrika The Huawei launched the offensive is part of U.S. group to popularize high technologies in Africa, the region where sales are increasing more rapidly.

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