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In his book “Resolution and Fortitude”, former senior vice president of Microsoft , Joachim Kempin , said that the company is in good hands with Steve Ballmer in front of this. ” They need someone maybe about 35-40 years, a youngest person to understand the Facebook generation mobile and this community , “said the ex-manager, who was working at Microsoft from 1983 to 2002. “They do not need this guy on stage with his eyes fierce, aggressive, heralding the next Windows version and thinking you can succeed with it. “ 


In his book, Kempin tilda Ballmer to block anyone who might have threatened the position of the head of the company, as Richard Belluzzo, key in the Xbox system amounting to COO at Microsoft, but left the company because of Ballmer as the manuscript. “Is a great CEO do not think so, “the writer tilda, Microsoft referred to” hire people to help them manage the company, but not to lead it. That’s the problem. lost every opportunity of speaking when she was in . Tables, mobile … we had a tablet in place, we had software for Windows XP s tablet when allied “.

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