“Microfoguetes” now can travel through the human body

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One of the major problems to be solved in medicine are the side effects from excessive drug in the human body. This is because we quantities well above what we really need, hoping that the substance from spreading in the body and reaches the desired location. However, this obstacle is to be overcome by “microfoguetes” developed at the University of California, USA.

The small propulsion devices use promoted by the expansion of the hydrogen contained in water. For this, a reaction is caused by a compound of aluminum and gallium which releases the gas molecules contained in the water found in the human body.

Devices should not do any harm to the body, but do not yet have an efficient system of control. However, these may microfoguetes target drugs to specific areas of the body in the future. Otherwise, each microfoguete can reach a maximum speed of three millimeters per second.


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