Media giant NBC site hacked. The reaction of Facebook and Google

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World’s largest social network Facebook blocked the deployment and user migration on the links to the site, media companies NBC after reports that infected with the computer virus, Reuters reported .



Main site NBC, as well as several child resources, media companies have been hacked and infected with malware RedKit on Friday night, according to ZDNet. The newspaper said the victims of the incident may have been tens of thousands of visitors NBC. Typically, RedKit uses banking Trojan called Citadel, which is able to capture data bank card users.

The company acknowledged that NBC hacking their site. “We have identified the problem and are working on a solution. User data in the wrong hands do not fall, “- said in a NBC. According to the developer solutions infobezopasnosti Fox-IT, the company has already cleared the site page from malicious links, but it is possible that hackers can still have access to

Online Resources responded quickly to the incident – users Facebook, who tried to share links to the site, received an error when processing the request, and if you try to go on such a link saw a warning regarding possible infection site. At the moment, a reference to work on Facebook normally. Search engine Google also warned about unsafe links to NBC, but now the message removed.

Hacking was another in a series of hacker attacks on famous American media companies – in the last month they have been publishing The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. According to the paper, the attacks are coming from China. In addition, attacks by hackers on its resources in February recorded the company Apple, Facebook social network and microblogging service Twitter. Whether these attacks are related to each other, not specified.

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