McDonalds tested payments via mobile with Paypal

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The battle for the mobile payments market has a new guinea pig and reinforced new contender. A few weeks ago the bet by Square Starbucks in America positioned strongly to the latter company, McDonald’s could be about to take the ultimate accolade to the mobile payment solution PayPal .

The fast food company has signed an agreement with PayPal that allows you to test in 30 stores in France (established in localities of various sizes, like Paris, Reims and Toulouse, as the various leaks that have received media Gauls) solution mobile payments in the second. The pilot implementation will occur over the next two years , according toReuters , the first to gather the news.

Users can make purchases using a mobile application or from the web and collect your order in a different queue to main, which will save time.This is not the only service that McDonald’s is testing its French customers, who are, according to Le Huffington Post , a regular guinea pig in their products and offers test and mainstay of the group’s most profitable subsidiary of fast food. The French have opened this year a page of online purchase of McDonald’s products , which allows thehome shopping and collect it in the restaurant .

The test helps McDonald’s, in a time when all the big chains are trying to get done with the emerging market of mobile payments , but mostlyhelps PayPal . The company is the leader in secure online payments, but faces, in the case of mobile, a market where not only be started from scratch but also has other powerful young players. The usual giant mobile market are also doing their approaches, such as Google with Google Wallet . The signing by Starbuks Square not only as an investor but also as client shoved this startup, but if it gets implemented PayPal Here in every McDonald’s in the world can have a powerful weapon against the threat.

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