Mars express will study the Hadley carter on the Red planet

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The Mars Express of the European Space Agency (ESA) is studying the crater Hadley, 120 miles wide, which allows finding new geological information of the Red Planet.

As explained by experts outlined by Europa Press, Hadley shows multiple impacts, after its formation, within the main crater wall, reaching depths of up to 2600 meters below the surrounding surface.

This region photographed on April 9, 2012 by the High Resolution Stereo Camera on Mars Express shows the crater that lies west of the transition zone between the southern highlands of the planet (and older) and land North casualties who are younger.

The ESA study indicates that the images captured by the probe show that the crater Hadley f ue beaten several times by large asteroids and / or comets after their initial training.

Some of these effects have been partially buried, because the detachment of the edges of the crater or the movement of sediments due to other effects in other areas of the planet. Furthermore, it was found that the crater seems less profound one side. This difference may be explained by an erosion process is known as “mass loss” , which is that the surface material moves down a slope under the force of gravity.

Crater within a crater

Also are “of particular concern to scientists” of the ESA, the ejecta of small craters in Hadley. As indicated, two of them have evidence of volatile compounds, possibly water ice beneath its surface.

In this sense, explained that with the impact that formed the crater, the ice was mixed with surrounding materials to form a sort of “clay” , which extends over the entire surface, as ejecta.

Scientists believe that these volatiles that were excavated by impacts, may indicate the presence of ice at a depth of hundreds of meters around the crater.

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