Manual for cyberwar

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manual for cyberwar

manual for cyberwar

If any physical battle has rules, why not have a manual for a cyberwar?

A group of experts have compiled all available rules and have summarized in a manual, it will appear shortly. The paper applies the rules of international law to the world of virtual battles in an effort to show how hospitals, civilians and neutral nations during conflict can be protected computer.

“Everybody saw the Internet as a kind of Far West,” said Michael Schmidt, professor of the College of Naval War and editor of the manual. “They had forgotten that international law is as true for cyber weapons as any other weapon.”

The Tallinn Manual, which is named after the capital of Estonia, which was compiled, was created at the request of the Center of Excellence in Cooperative Cyber ​​Defence Treaty Organization (NATO).

The Unofficial document of 282 pages, is based on existing rules on behavior in the battlefield, as the Declaration of St. Petersburg (1868), or the Geneva Convention (1949) and applies them to the Internet.

According to Marco Roscini, Professor of International Law at the University of Westminster, London, the manual is a first attempt of its kind to show that the laws of war are flexible enough to be adapted to the new reality.

The fundamental premise of the book indicates that the war continues to be by virtue of being virtual. And just as there are attacks, protections should not disappear.

Experts who worked on the drafting of material (two dozen officers, academics and researchers) do not agree completely on how the rules apply to traditional cyber context. Self-defense was a difficult issue, because international law allows nations to attack if they see that the enemy forces are to cross the border, but how to apply that fact to the virtual world?

And as this question, there are many others that must be refined and revised to be able to have a real manual for cyberwarfare.

The final question is, once it is an official document, are the warlike nations and other groups will subscribe to it?

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