Make Google Chrome the default browser of your iPhone (Jailbreak)

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Just a few days Google launched the IOS version of its browser Google Chrome . This browser is a favorite for users and the strange thing is that it took so long to make the jump to iPhone, iPhone and iPod Touch. The application can be downloaded for free from the official App Store since last Thursday on 28 June and is currently receiving rave reviews. One of the biggest advantages of Google Chrome is that you sign in with your Google Account in order to keep in sync favorites or even open tabs between all devices that each user. In addition, general features, its use is very convenient and intuitive, especially when navigating between tabs or search.

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The arrival of Google Chrome for iPhone is very good news for fans of the web browser, however the default browser Safari remains IOS. This means that if for example you receive an email with a link to a website when pressed will open with Safari and not Google Chrome. Apple can not change this aspectbut as always developers Jailbreak offer a solution to this problem.

The developer Ryan Petrich has created an application that lets you change the default browser of IOS, his name is Browser Chooser . In addition to Chrome , this application works with virtually any browser you have installed on your terminal as Opera Mini or Dolphin Browser to name a few.

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Logically, to set Chrome as default browser must first download from the App Store. Once you have installed should download the application Browser Chooser from Cydia . To find it necessary to add the following repository : In order to add the repo enters Manage – Sources, press the Edit and then Add . The device updates the sources and when finished and you can find and install Browser Chooser, to finish the installation you have to do a respring for changes to take effect.

After installing Browser Chooser no icon appears on the screen, you must configure settings on the field. Its operation is very simple, a list with all installed browsers and can simply select the one you want , in this case Google Chrome . From now on whenever you open a link to a website the browser will open automatically . If you wanted to change it you just have to reconfigure it from the Settings menu of your phone.  Again the Jailbreak offers a very useful and also free of a problem or shortcoming that Apple does not cover. The Jailbreak frees the restrictions imposed by the company andopens up a whole range of possibilities to take advantage of the iPhone, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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