Lumia 900 has good design and 4.3 inch screen

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Besides the screen, the Nokia device improved the camera and supports LTE and HSPA +

 Nokia launched a new quality standard for its high-end appliances. Built on a polycarbonate body-piece, the device offers strength and a nice grip.The result was so successful it was repeated on the first device with Windows Phone, the Lumia 800. With 900 Lumia , almost an enlarged version of the predecessor’s strengths – and also some weaknesses – were kept.

It should be emphasized at the outset that, like other models of the Lumia, this device will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8. Version 7.8 of the system, which will still be released, must leave the unit in a strange limbo.

Despite promises from Microsoft and Nokia to keep the 900 Lumia interesting after the launch of the new system, companies’ efforts should be directed to the new line, which will be shown in September. Still, there is a considerable time for Windows Phone 8 is a commercial reality, keeping the unit viable, since its hardware has much to offer.

The single core processor 1.4 GHz is strong enough to handle without choking the system. The 4.3 inch screen works with the same resolution as the previous model. Are 480 by 800 pixels, and even with a lower density of pixels, the screen 900 Lumia is nicer than its predecessor. On rare occasions, as in some menus or icons, you can see a slight aliasing, but nothing that would cause a major nuisance.

A highlight of this device in relation to competitors is the support for LTE (4G) and HSPA + (3.5G). It also has a basic package of high-end smartphones: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS (with A-GPS).

A highlight for the Nokia GPS is directing. Fairly fast and precise orientation point to point, the solution can replace a dedicated GPS with ease. In addition to quick start, the app takes less than 5 seconds to recalculate a route, leaving time to dedicated GPS devices back.

You can switch between day and night as well as choose the voice that will give the guidelines. The interface was designed to not confuse the driver, so it is simple and brings key information.

The three-dimensional effect is interesting and the main points of major cities are present. Those who prefer can turn the traditional 2D. For those familiar with GPS devices, Nokia is driving points of interest and should be re-routed to avoid traffic or radar.

Common to all devices with Windows Phone, the Office app is quite complete with editing and creating Word, Excel and Powerpoint. In addition to reading documents from Office 97 – 2003 and integration with SkyDrive, Office 365 and SharePoint.

The 8 megapixel camera of the Lumia 900 represents a step forward compared to the 800 Lumia. Even if the number of pixels is the same, the overall result obtained by the new device is much higher. The video recording, even at 720p, was also more interesting in testing Infolab.

Other interesting applications:

Application: Description:
Nokia Music Nokia Music Store
Nokia Maps Application of GPS navigation focused on local search
Maps Application of GPS that features integration with Microsoft Bing
Games Store ARM games from Microsoft. Provides integration surface with Xbox Live
Contacts Adds e-mail contacts, phone and social networking into a single interface
Highlights App Curated by Nokia applications
Search Bing Bing makes queries according to the GPS coordinates and includes a visual search that reads bar codes and QR codes, and identify words and offer translations
Diagnosis Performs a series of tests on the hardware device and provides more detailed components as the battery

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