Lumia 710, the other member of the family of Nokia Windows Phone (review)

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Nokia Lumia 710, the younger brother of Lumia 900 which was released in last August, and whose review can be read here .

It is a smartphone LCD 3.7 “(800 x 480 pixels), Qualcomm Snapdragon chip to 1.4 GHz, 512 MB of RAM (ie, same processor and RAM as the Lumia 900), 8 GB of storage is not expandable, 5 megapixel camera that records 720p video, FM radio and the basic trio of any smart phone: 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS. The battery is 1300 mAh.

The computer uses Windows Phone 7.5 Be updated to 7.8 in the first months of next year , but not Windows Phone 8 , presented last October. Depending on how you look, or how they want to see-that totally cancels any possibility of buying or not. The negative view this as a living dead phone, which will not be updated, and whose application library and not grow too (WP7 applications run on WP8 but not vice versa).

I think for the price of the phone, the features and applications you already have, even though more limited than Android or iPhone-worth, unless the user is someone looking for a team with many video games, all kinds of applications and customization.

As with its big brother, and other equipment that use this operating system, the overall performance of the team is very good, especially in the management of email, instant messaging and document management Office Word or Excel ( that integrate with Microsoft’s online offering).Thus, for a relatively low price you get an excellent software package for those duties: not resigned functionality with the price.

It’s the good thing about Windows Phone: Microsoft defined a minimum of hardware to use, and the operating system is designed precisely for such benefits so it works very well. No hesitation in transitions between applications, nothing takes more or less than other teams, there are no incompatibilities by screen size difference or less RAM.

This does not mean perfect: multitasking is limited (and agrees to use the Back button with a long press displays the latest applications used, to really take advantage of it). The same happens with your web browser, Internet Explorer 9, which is more than decent, but not better than Firefox or Chrome, or the supply of additional tools. There’s more than one hundred thousand applications for Windows Phone against 700,000 of Android or iPhone, and the difference is mainly in video games: the availability of popular titles is significantly smaller. At the same time, the use of active tiles (these rectangles are in the initial view, and that function as widgets and shortcuts) may end result somewhat monotonous.

The volume buttons and camera

The most frequently used services (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Skype, chat of all types, etc.), however, are available for the Lumia 710, the same as the classic and very good maps with guided navigation offline.

The phone has a good size, a size almost say classic, and a style reminiscent of the C7 with Symbian. It will not win awards for its thinness, but being relatively small it does not bother. At the front has three control buttons protruding Windows Phone-only housing-lock button up (a nuisance, but smaller) and the activation of the camera to the side. The latter I found harder than desirable. It’s a shame, because one of the strengths of Windows Phone is the ability to activate the camera locked phone, which in this case requires a higher pressure than expected.

The camera itself is good, especially for its price segment, and the controls are very simple, courtesy of Windows Phone.

The team is pure plastic, but it feels solid and durable. The screen has very good definition and contrast (using a polarizing filter that Nokia calls ClearBlack, and includes on other phones), but it is not AMOLED like the Lumia 900, so its visibility, especially outdoor-suffering. The screen size does not affect fortunately, the keyboard, which is still very good at guessing the word you’re typing.

The Lumia 710 offers a decent range, although it is unlikely to be reached overnight with active use without appealing to recharge your battery of 1300 mAh. It is a shame that not more than 8 GB (actually, 6 GB user available), which also limits to another mobile in its segment, the Sony Xperia U .

In short, those looking for more versatility in the interface, advanced games or a wider variety of applications exceeding the most popular are more likely to find what they want on Android. But the smartphone Lumia 710 is a very reasonable, especially for the services provided for your price.

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