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A team of independent investigators announced that it has successfully managed to introduce a voluntary eye a liquid that allows you to distinguish objects in the dark at a considerable distance.


View at night or in the darkness is a natural ability of some animals to humans can emulate with the help of optical and electronic devices, but soon people could establish the so-called night vision unaided technology.

A team of independent researchers, based in California and called Science for the Masses (Science for the Masses) or SFM, announced that it has successfully managed to introduce a voluntary eye a liquid that allows you to distinguish objects in the dark at a distance significant.

The substance called chlorin e6 (Chlorine e6) or Ne6 and used in treatments for cancer eye and other eye diseases, was tested in Gabriel Licina, a member of SFM, a group of “biohackers” or researchers conducting biological studies out conventional laboratories and in the field of institutional science and promote “citizen science”.

In eyeballs Gabriel Licina, a researcher in biochemistry at a university in the US Pacific Northwest were deposited by an instrument similar to a needleless syringe laboratory, a composite stream of insulin, saline and an extremely low dose of Ne6 , which gave him a night vision temporarily.

Under them Ne6 effects of a molecule related to chlorophyll, with amplifying properties of light and a photosensitizer long lasting effect, Licina able to identify in the dark to people who were hiding 50 meters away, according to information from science portal “Mic”.

LIQUID amplifies light

Eyes Licina, placed supine, were first sprayed with saline and then the experimental liquid Ne6 of black color was deposited in their conjunctival sacs (the space between the eyelid and eyeball space) by a micropipette, into three smaller doses to each eye, according to SFM.

After completing the application, the speculum’s eyes Licina, who would then put a colored lenses sclerotic black or white part of each eyeball is kept open, to reduce possible light could enter retired in their eyes.

Also, sunglasses Licina used throughout the test, to further ensure that unwrap under conditions of minimum brightness and minimize their potential exposure to any kind of bright light.

After two hours of settings, the researchers tested the ability of night vision volunteer in an environment of darkness, according to “Mic”.

According to this source, after checking that Licina was able to distinguish various objects the size of a hand to ten meters away, people placed in different areas of a forest while the observer stood about 50 meters away.

Licina was able to indicate the position of the people who stood among the trees using a laser pointer with 100 percent accuracy, while a control group could only pinpoint the position of people in a third of cases.

Licina daytime vision gradually returned to normal and, after 20 days of trial, did not appear to be side effects.

TOWARDS A ‘Superhuman’

“For me it was fast, I experienced a blur of greenish black color in my view, which is then dissolved in my eyes,” Licina said to “Mic” regarding how it felt to receive the Ne6.

So Licina said Newsweek what he saw during the trial: “It’s subtle. It is not something to cry ‘oh my God I have a supervision!’ It is rather like the darkness becomes a little less dark, everything was a little brighter. It was not a remarkable or burning light, but a soft feeling of ‘oh I can see some things.’ “

Regarding the next steps that will give researchers, Licina told Efe that “now we are testing the reaction of the eye using a technique called ERG to get some quantifiable data, since the subjective data, as obtained in the first trial, They can not be considered at all as ‘good science’. “

“An ERG is an electroretinography. It’s like an EEG or electroencephalogram, but one electrode is placed on one eye and measures the electrical activity due to ocular excitement. This technique is a good way to get specific information on how the eye is responding to stimuli, “he told Efe Licina, founder of SFM along Jeffrey Tibbetts.

To Licina night vision, as he has seen, it can not yet be considered a superpower, but just a hint of the edge of a possible superhuman ability, and if it develops in the future, could benefit from this capacity induced various activities night, hunting and camping and could use such security guards.

Regardless of the possible practical applications of the compound with Ne6, “We are happy to have obtained the informat

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