Logitech K810, keyboard that controls up to 3 devices

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Logitech launches its powerful keyboard Logitech K810  , which promises to keep in order to form three teams here wireless.

If it bothers you need a controller for each appliance, then the keyboard Logitech K810 is a universal driver.

It’s okay to have many gadgets, but when you use depends on access multiple controllers, then simple tasks can become a torment. For this type of situation has created the keyboard Logitech K810 .

The company Logitech  has created an apparently normal keyboard, the keys typical traditionally arranged in a modern design, with connection via Bluetooth. However the gadget lies a great power, the novelty of being able to connect with three devices at once. Using radio buttons you can switch to the device that is required to use. So it becomes easy to use all your computer equipment through this universal keyboard Logitech K810. Reports on their website Logitech .

The Logitech K810 keyboard has a rechargeable battery via USB connection, able to stand with energy up to 10 days. Among the virtues of the keyboard highlight laser engraved letters and a proximity sensor that illuminates each button to bring the fingers. An ideal feature for all night workers.

The price Universal Keyboard K810 Logitech will be 100 euros. It will seem expensive if we focus only on price, but considering the great help offered by the Logitech K810 in device control, you will see that it’s definitely worth its price.

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