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The Swiss manufacturer multiplies the qualitatively innovations to enrich its offer.With its graphical interface transfigured, the new OS Microsoft has shuffled the cards in terms of user experience.

This environment can be used in the absolute without keyboard or mouse, stimulated the propensity of high-tech manufacturers to develop more systematically their products touchscreens.

Beyond accessories for tablets which he became one of the pioneers, Logitech has acknowledged this need to streamline its catalog to put it more in line with Windows 8, while providing added value to the face slab Touch.

The dilemma succession ambitions to support a conclusion: the tablet PC, any terminal is now powerful enough to produce the content, including in the workplace. Remains the all-touch virtual keyboards compromise productivity.

Logitech rushes into the breach with three devices: a touchpad (the touchpad T650, to 79.99 euros in late October) and two mouse the T400 and T620 Touch Mouse, respectively 49.99 and 69.99 euros, at the same time).

Touch over its entire surface, the trackpad T650 has a multitouch technology: he plays up to 4 points of contact simultaneously, for a total of 13 combinations customizable using the SetPoint software driver.

The simple opening scroll directly essential elements of the graphical user interface, through the zoom and launch applications, it reproduces the Windows 8 experience in the palm of your hand, beyond touchscreens .

Its integrated battery lithium-ion ensures an autonomy of one month on a full charge. However, it does not carry Bluetooth connectivity: to interface with a PC or a tablet, it is necessary to use a USB module.

The same applies to the T620 Touch Mouse, a laser mouse whose entire upper is touch and whose autonomy is estimated at 3 months with an alkaline battery.

The model T400, only the touch roller is, for scrolling horizontally and vertically, to 18 months of use of a battery.

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