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Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft

The first impression when starting Windows 8 is of great surprise. “Is this Windows?” or “Where is the Start button?” will probably be the first questions in assaulting the user. But do not worry: yes, it’s Windows. And, yes, it is very easy to use.

Microsoft puts all the eggs in one basket and reinvented in this new operating system whose CEO has called (not without reason) as the company’s biggest launch since Windows 95, one that invaded all PCs Not surprisingly Microsof t has been working on this operating system since before the release of Windows 7.

The interface is adapted to tablets and these new devices called ‘convertible’ , hybrids can be used as a tablet or traditional PC. But it is not just a Windows touch, but a reworking that aims to make life easier User integrating applications and online services.

The home screen reminds interfaces that have become popular Android phones or iPhone . What we see are ‘windows’, groups of applications (which you can customize) and accessed directly with your finger.Once inside , and with the finger, we can display a menu bar with commands to handle the application.


Windows 8 comes pre-equipped with applications forcontacts, messaging, photos, calendar, music, Bing or the new Internet Explorer . And, of course, a shop to purchase new programs and applications.

A good example of which is the integration with the cloud is the tool’s operation ‘Contacts’ . The idea is this: John is a good friend of childhood, lives in another city and unfortunately did not see much. If we want to be aware of everything you do on social networks, today we have to go into each one of them to check their status on Facebook , which has counted on Twitter , if you have upgraded or not Linked in profile. In the contacts application ofWindows 8 integrates all this information in a single personal file permanently connected to the network and the different platforms.

Of course, among the uses that give the PC there are some that require greater precision. Consider an Excel handle with finger is a useless extravagance. But there is also n users will miss seeing the ‘guts’ of Windows:the contents of folders, the weight of the files or the task manager. For them, Windows 8 features an input icon mode ‘traditional desktop’ and just connect mouse and keyboard to start working in the traditional style.

A relief well for reluctant to change. Of course, caution: the absence of corroborating user experience that has other virtues necessary, such as stability and security,Windows 8 is a change that convinces skeptics proof.

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