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The workers social network LinkedIn is testing a system of mentions as the social network Facebook and micro-blogging network Twitter . It may be easier for users to start conversations, share knowledge among all users or to meet more professional social network.



   LinkedIn wants to introduce a new way of relating to other professionals. These are the entries so famous in the social network Mark Zuckerberg has now flown to the network for professionals. To use it is as simple as typing the name of a person or a company in the search bar or comments the home page of the user account.

   After writing some letters appear suggestions of names and the user can choose whom they wanted. With this the person or company that you selected will be notified that they have been mentioned warning by others and what has been said in that note.

   To mention a user does not need a first degree connection, the network of workers can also mention other LinkedIn members to participate in talks on the home pages of users.

   With these mentions LinkedIn wants to be much easier to start conversations with other professionals while enabling real-time response when someone mentions to you or your company. Previously, users could publish information but now, with the information and particulars, can draw the attention of other LinkedIn users or enterprise.

   For now, the system mentions only available to users who have the social network in English , though the company hopes to make this system as soon as possible to all other languages. They also hope to start soon the comments in other sections of the network, which is not only in the user’s home page LinkedIn.

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