LinkedIn now allows user to follow ‘leaders’ social network

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LinkedIn, seeking to attract more than its current 175 million users who visit the page regularly, began to invite members of the site follows a select group of 150 “influential leaders” of the network.

Follow them does not necessarily mean that you are connected to them, like you can do with your current and former colleagues, but you can feed your feed with messages of “influencers” on topics related to careers and even turned to current events, As the presidential race. Will work more or less like the “Subscribe” button on Facebook.

Among the distinguished list are: the co-founder of the site, Reid Hoffman and CEO Jeff Weiner, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, the media mogul, Richard Branson and U.S. President Barack Obama – and, of course, the his opponent, Mitt Romney.


Button “follow” is now enabled for all users of the network


The list also includes other names related to the more technological world, as Commissioner of the FCC, Julius Genachowski and Joichi Ito, MIT Media Lab Lab

Now, if you think you have what it takes to be considered an “influencer”, LinkedIn invites you to be elected to the position by completing a form on the site.

The social network – surpassing the large data breach that happened at the site earlier this year and that exposed some 6.5 million passwords a forum for arbitrary – the platform is increasing consistently. Among other recent updates are repagination layout and better tools to profile their users who visit the site via mobile devices.

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