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While 60% of its members reside outside the United States, its iPad application internationalized LinkedIn and announces support for six additional languages.

Updating the application LinkedIn for iPad and concomitant translation in 6 additional languages – including French – is part of an inevitable internationalization, while 60% of service users reside outside of the United States .

At last count, the social network BtoB claims 175 million registered. The overseas has long been his favorite field, but the proportion was gradually reversed as a result of a rise in popularity in Europe.

In its new version 5.0.9 (18.9 MB on the iTunes App Store), the mobile client for tablets Apple plays multilingualism, but also adopts a graphical interface reworked to accommodate touch control gestures and multi.

The display is divided into separate headings which allow the user easy access to key elements such profile, list of contacts, diary and collaborative activity reports.

A novelty to say: businesses can now have a dedicated page, as is the case on Facebook.If all wants to be more intuitive than the website, some users of the first hour it was noted that the change in the profile can be problematic, especially on Android.

But the reality is quite different for LinkedIn, which found that ”  23% of members regularly connect via a mobile application, a percentage much higher [10% in one year, note] “.This trend is reflected particularly in France. And that’s not counting the impact of social networks.

Médiamétrie estimated in July, as in France, 77% of internet attending at least one platform community. Moreover, 40% would connect to a LinkedIn account at least once per month.Vying for integrating Microsoft Office Store and in good position on the recruitment market, LinkedIn has even given ideas to Facebook .


Mark Zuckerberg teams are approached to prepare slides a platform for aggregation of vacancies, with the assistance of experts in the field: BranchOut, Jobvite, Work4 Labs, etc..

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