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LinkedIn has announced enhancements to the system searches its service. The company explained that the system is intended to be “more intelligent and rational” . Among the novelties, which aimed at providing customized searches, are features like auto or technology that makes the browser learns about the user’s use of the Service.



The social network LinkedIn is focused on the professional field. LinkedIn is a professional showcase for a tool to make connections between them. It is essential that the service provided to the users find other people with their interests and therefore searches are a mainstay on LinkedIn.

In order to improve that LinkedIn has decided mainstay improvements in your browser. The company explained that the aim was to make the search more and are “more intelligent and rational.” To get experience is unified , making users no longer have to seek separate companies, users or jobs.

“Now all you need to do is type what you’re looking for in the search box and you’ll see a full page of results that extracts all content LinkedIn, including people, jobs, groups or companies, “explained from LinkedIn. It is a way to get more information more easily with one search.

Beyond this unification, the LinkedIn team has also introduced autocomplete options, suggested searches and advanced searches. Furthermore, the system has been applied a special algorithm which allows the searcher to learn the use of each user, so as to gradually improve the results. The goal is to customize searches and that each user receives the results that fit your needs .

The update improves the LinkedIn search tool and makes the service more useful. Users will be receiving the new features in the coming weeks searching.

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