LINE: Whatsapp competition arrives from Japan

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  • It is a mobile and PC application with which you can chat
  • Submissions are free, as well as voice calls over the internet
  • Its creators make money by selling drawings and icons

If Whatsapp has made its mark is synonymous messaging program and that the order of € 0.15 SMS seems inevitable now that comes LINE is shown that the battle in the field of messaging that is even more open. This small but powerful competitor among messaging and chat programs have all the ingredients to be a new hit, what whites call a killer app.

LINE is a very recent , was born in 2011 after the devastating tsunami caused by the Japanese earthquake. In a hyper-connected country in the fiber optics and wireless offer faster than that of other parts of the world, was somewhat paradoxical that communications remain disrupted for days or weeks. Its creators developed as a solution to the problems of communication, aware that, as with the SMS, chat messages take up little bandwidth, can be transmitted quickly and tend to work even in the worst conditions imaginable signal.

During this year’s growth has been explosive LINE: currently has about 74 million users , mostly in Japan but also in other countries. It is growing so fast in countries like Spain that lately the service has suffered problems with its servers to assume all traffic generated by new users.

Keys to success

On paper, it is a proposal LINE powerful outperforms other systems functionality. Why?

Free cross-platform. Nothing like most people who do not have to pay for doing fun things, if that’s much of the success of SMS versus Whatsapp, LINE is based on the same idea. The app is free to download and it works on both iOS and Android and Windows Phone.

Computer also. lot of people wonder why Whatsapp does not work well in the mobile computer, and the reason is simple: the account is currently associated with a mobile phone number. LINE avoids this problem and also works as an application on Windows and Mac OS X with only choose a user account name anyone (yes: can only be used in an active device at a time, to avoid problems).

Sending messages, photos, videos and music. addition to using it to chat with messages LINE includes tools to send other formats easily.

Free Talking . Although some consider that talking on a phone is a waste of time why chat is much better? LINE can also speak “Skype-style” free, thanks to a voice over IP technologies. Best to use this function and the call to be free is to be connected via Wi-Fi. For those who enjoy spending long periods of talk is an attractive feature, but there are many other apps that do the same.

Icons, stickers and more. Though customs in Japan are very peculiar and more graphic language, the famous emojis and emoticons have always had a big hit among netizens. LINE For this is complemented with emojis not only “official” but also withstickers , a kind of large icons or pictures of dolls representing comic and funny characters.

Group discussions, timing and connection with other applications. addition chat for groups LINE app can connect to other entertainment company, as photo retouching software, birthday cards and the like. It also offers a chronological Wall (timeline) where you can post and view photos and drawings published friends, like a style microblogging system Twitter or Facebook.

The business of the “extras”

To install the app on mobile LINE just download it from iTunes Store , Google Playor Windows Phone Apps and register by choosing a username and indicating the number of mobile phone. Registration must be confirmed with a code received by SMS and from there you can customize your profile with a photo. You can allow the software to access the personal calendar and automatically add friends already in line, or do it manually.

Another interesting facet of LINE comes to ask, and how the company makes money? Unlike Whatsapp, here the formula is clear: selling “extras” for which users pay willingly, much like what happens in video games . To customize LINE can buy packages of icons and stickers , for a few euros you add new characters to use in conversations. It may seem a little childish pay one or two per drawings of bunnies with hearts or superhero comics, but it is something that has caused a sensation in Japan and is expected to generate huge profits for its creators.

The key to a successful application as LINE is that many people use: each person is added to the utility connections multiplies service . But for many people to be added in this “network effect” is needed that friends are already there … or persuade them to move. Are typical LINE difficult start but has already passed in other countries, so it would be unusual in Spain repeat history.

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