Line wants to unseat WhatsApp

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Line Messaging Service and social network of the Japanese firm Naver Line, and over 80 million users worldwide. In the past two months was able to capture 10 million users.

In the last two months the growth has been exponential Line. In fact from October 12 to November 12 has managed to attract 10 million users, which now has over 80 million users. Of course, his is pending geographic diversification, as most users are located in Japan. Line is located in more than 230 countries around the world for free and available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows 8. Moreover, not only can be used with a smartphone, users can also connect a PC or a Mac

In terms of benefits, Line, which was released in Juno, 2011, has added extra options like a timeline similar toTwitter , a special camera with filters, videogames and smileys Emoji (large drawings of manga aesthetics) and traditional based smileys characters.

Line is also a social network, offering a user’s profile page that you can customize the background and reminds both the cover of the biography of Facebook and to Twitter.

The truth is that Line is on the lips of many users and although it is difficult to reach in the short term the 10 million WhatsApp users in Spain, the fact is that Line moves at breakneck speed and its functionalities are only present in comments social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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