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The instant messaging application, which grows exponentially.


line problem

line problem

1. Excessive battery

One of the biggest concerns for manufacturers is to create batteries that meet the expectations of its customers, primarily demanding greater autonomy. Far left and the first generations of mobile phones whose duration in standby far exceeded the 4 or 5 days, which eliminated at a stroke the “smartphone” full of applications that have reduced autonomy almost overnight .

The Line instant messaging service, which already has over 10 million users only in Spain (130 worldwide, according to company figures) has become the toughest opponent of WhatsApp, the king in this market niche .

However, although the application is growing Asian dizzying, many users will blame various problems such as excessive battery consumption, something that the developer, Naver, says he is trying to solve and they are working on a better value for money and falls suffered by some users.

A serious problem, not address it, you can have many users deleted from their devices. Can not forget that the RAM consumption is also very high, to the point that sometimes doubles to other applications at rest, which may cause the device to hang himself.

2. Weight of the application

The high-end devices already has, at least, of a capacity of 16GB, enough figure to house numerous applications and audiovisual material. However, in “smartphones” of benefits under this becomes a real problem, because you have to be more selective when downloading.

This is another Line problems, as well as on other occasions, the mass of users is still small compared with popular services like WhatsApp. In this case, the Asian has a huge weight of 20 MB if we put the WhatsApp side of (9.5 MB) so that many users have been forced to remove various “apps” to install it.

3. Notification and absence of versions

For now, Line platforms available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, but not in Symbian still has a strong presence, especially in emerging countries such as Africa or Latin America. In devices such as the popular Nokia s40, selling, could not be installed.

Also identified problems with notifications of messages, as many users have been crying in various forums and social networks that messages were sent or received by the receiver hours later or even not been received, which can also due to the requirement for servers that sometimes this service may be having and WhatsApp, for example, has already improved substantially.

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