Line, much more than a mobile messaging service

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The alternative would be to WhatsApp seems to have already arrived, and has done so from across the world, from Japan. 

Line, which has used its presentation in Europe to announce it has reached 85 million users worldwide – has a very wide deployment in Asia. In Japan, his homeland, has over 36 million users.

Another relevant fact is that the company has become the fastest growing application in history. While Facebook took 1325 days to get 50 million users unite, Line has done only 399. The key to success is word of mouth and in the simplicity of a service as an alternative to WhatsApp but with more functionality.

“We want to remain a very simple, but we are particularly interested users approach and incorporate  Line content, local agreements that make the user experience more beneficial “, also recognized Jeanie Han, director for the U.S. , Latin America and Europe Line.

“We are not only instant messaging service, we are a better way of expressing emotions” and presented June Cha service. Besides offering a free messaging service, Line also provides its users with free phone calls and a complete gaming platform, camera and value-added applications.

All for free. To finance, the company has several formulas . On one hand, users can purchase payment stickers, which are added to those provided for free. The stickers are a funny cartoon that can be sent through Line in conversations with friends to express moods. Developments would be as smiley, but Japanese air.

Furthermore, companies and individuals can open accounts in Line officers, why you have to pay an amount, which is not specified, and on the other hand, the company also gains benefits.

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