LINE Band, a new social network to rival Facebook

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The South Korean company Naver is unstoppable . Knew yesterday the launch of a new game associated with the messaging app LINE , and today we know his intentions for LINE Band , your own social network . A tool that could rival Facebook in the same way that LINE has done with WhatsApp . Although the differences between the two are striking, and most likely, if you look at his career so far, I get to get a hole without having to fight for first place thanks to the support and number of users with whom you already have the application itself LINE , which has already exceeded 100 million . But one thing.

line band

line band

This is an application attached to LINE , although completely independent . And it would just need to have a user account to access LINE Band . His performance undoubtedly remembers the forums , so far from resembling Facebook . However, your chances make LINE Band a very attractive tool for contact with users of LINE, or own Facebook, and debate on any topic, share pictures, videos and other content . All supported by visual design very pampered , something that he usually does Naver .

As we say, you must create a user account by entering the name, date of birth and telephone number. However, you can save this step if there is already LINE , being able to use the data already stored for LINE Band . After that all that remains is to create the Bands . This is Molekine style notebooks to share all kinds of content . So, as if it were a forum, you can create Bands around a topic specifically, or with a group of people determined. A place of meeting, discussion and where shared interests.

The good news is that, like all tools that come from the hand of Naver , has a visual appearance as striking . And what is more interesting: everything is customizable . So, to create a new Band or book you can choose the design and color of the cover and the rubber . Something really useful to differentiate from each other and make them unique . Once inside each one, several sections depending on the contents.

So, Board introduces new publications , as if it were a wall. Here you may plated doubts, share a picture, video, card, etc. . and assess and respond to user comments. However, if you click on the section Gallery displays a screen showing all shared images . Sort of Pinterest with the contents published in the Band . Also, if you want a more direct communication, Section Chat to send instant messages in addition to the characteristic stickers . Finally, surprised the tab Schedule . Here you can create events and plan a date voting among all contacts of the Band which is the ideal.

The good thing about LINE Band is a social network completely private . Thus, when creating these spaces, you can select which users you want to add to participate. Something that can help separate issues for family, friends, coworkers, etc.

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