LHC recreates the matter of early universe

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Not all Higgs bosons at the premises of CERN . There are still manyquestions about the universe and its particles that can be answered based on high-energy collisions . And then, the LHC is the best. A group of researchers from the European consortium has made new measurements that they believe is the first type of matter that took place during the initial instants of the universe. The quark-gluon plasma .

Quarks and gluons are, respectively, the bricks and mortar of ordinary matter . During the first moments after the big bang, however, were not united forming particles, such as protons or neutrons, but moved freely in the plasma state. Based on lead-ion collisions is a very heavy-atom at speeds approaching that of light, the LHC could recreate small periods of time during which they believe were the conditions of the early universe.

The quark-gluon plasma is extreme and ephemeral . That’s why researchers have had to analyze the results of over a billion collisions to obtain meaningful results.

The hot and dense matter

“Science of heavy ions is crucial in determining the properties of matter in the early universe , one of the issues of fundamental physics that the LHC was created to solve, “said Rolf Heuer, CERN’s director. “It illustrates how, in addition to the investigation of newly discovered type-Higgs boson, physicists at the LHC are studying many other phenomena in proton-proton and lead-lead.”

The new results on these experiments are presented in the conference Quark Matter 2012 , held in Washington DC Scientists from the CMS detectors, ATLAS , both present in the discovery of the famous Higgs- and ALICE will present more detailed description hastas the date of the hot and dense matter ever studied .“A hundred thousand times hotter than the sun’s interior, and denser than a neutron star,” said CERN in a press release.

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