LG will unveil new Google TV devices at CES 2013

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If regular TV and not as interesting to you, then perhaps you may want to change to Google TV devices. Moves in that direction LG, which has announced that at CES 2013 (which will be held in a few weeks), the South Korean company will unveil two new Google TV devices.

These new LG Google TV seem to be extremely thin, and thanks to the fact that the bezel is almost nonexistent, makes the device look bigger than it really is. be available in sizes ranging from 42 “to a whopping 60 “ but we’re guessing the latter most likely having too high a price.

They will run on Google TV 3.0 with the software built into the panel, and will come with several new features, such as recognition of advanced voice , brought by the “Magic Remote”. The LG Google TV will also come with preinstalled On Live, which allows players to have access to the games in the cloud . Further details of the LG Google TV will be unveiled at CES 2013, so stay tuned.

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