LG will launch the first 21:9 LCD monitor

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The manufacturer LG has created a new format capable monitor 21:9, which is expected to be very well received in the market.

LG launched the world’s first LCD monitor with a frame rate of 21:9. This will be the 29-inch EA93, which will debut  later this November. For users who have been attentive to the way in progressing the market for LCD monitors , can be said to know that in recent times there have been few improvements in relation to the format and resolution.

Users can choose to visit the shops between models 27 and 30 inches, but have little other news to be given due attention. So far we had met with the rate 21:9 image in some televisions and distributed in shops of various parts of the world, but so far this has not been seen on an LCD monitor.

Unlike most 30-inch LCD monitors, which have a resolution of 2,560 x 1600 pixels , the next screen 29-inch ultrawide created by LG offers less vertical pixels: 2,560 x 1,080 pixels. It has, however, a thinner shell, so we can imagine that enthusiasts imaging sector will place two of these monitors , one above the other, to double the number of pixels.

As for connections, the device is equipped with Display Port and Dual Link DVI or HDMI MHL support . It also has special software that provides users the ability to watch videos from various sources on the screen at once, which is a function of the most interesting to watch certain programs.

The EA93 LG TV has a cost of  U.S. $ 633, and will be available worldwide later this year 2012 at an official price has not yet been announced. Its availability is called to ensure that users get the best image quality on your monitor, taking all the advantages of having 21:9 format available.

LG is promoting a big monitor and highlighting from Korean soil, the importance they believe will have the device by the end of the year approaching, which is likely to significantly increase the rate of screens sold. Furthermore, in view of how well this format has resulted in televisions, are also believed to have a good market impact monitors.

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