LG introduced its first 5.5-inch screen with maximum resolution

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All firms engaged in the manufacture of mobile phones each year compete to innovate a bit more compared to other companies in its sector. More powerful processors, more intelligent features practical,spacious and bright screens … The world of touch panels is one that has experienced more changes in recent times. In a few years we have gone from tiny screens in black and white to large ultra-colored panels and touch capabilities. Now tell us about flexible displays , but if there is something that manufacturers continue to insist is the quality of the pixels. The Korean company LG has taken a step in this direction. The division responsible for the development and manufacture of touch screens , LG Display, presented the first screen LCD HD AH-IPS Quad smart device. This would be a high quality panel , designed to be incorporated in smartphones most advanced of the moment .

LG Quad HD Display

LG Quad HD Display

The first panel FHD for smartphones was introduced by LG last year 2012 . The new screen has now released a size of 5.5 inches (diagonal) and has a maximum resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels . But that’s not all. One of its most important has to do with its massive pixel density, which could be around 538 pixels per inch , just 70ppi more than the HTC One , with a capacity of 468 pixels per inch (ppi) . As explained by the company itself LG , the new display will have four times more pixels than those used in a use HD screen , the resolution is usually about 1280 x 720 pixels . In this sense, it seems that the user would have the opportunity to enjoy noticeable improvements: first, the device would provide a clearer picture of some brighter colors and a significant improvement in contrast .

The panel, in fact, offer a quality in movies equivalent to Blu-Ray . As if this were not enough, users will have the opportunity to make the most of the navigation between pages through Internet . In fact, the FHD panels allow viewing of up to 3/4 parts of a page viewed through a desktop or laptop. The images are offered with the ability to zoom , distortion and getting completely crisp texts .

But these are not the only advantages to offer LG Display this panel LG Quad HD . We must not lose sight that would be facing the world’s thinnest panel, with just 1.21 mm thick and with a 1.2 mm bezel . It is a 12% thinner than the screen of 5.2 inch FHD LG Display already announced last month and has excellent reading skills, with a brightness of 430 nit .

The company has not yet announced what will be the availability of these screens , but the truth is that their implementation could be almost immediately to the terminals to be presented this year from 2013 and from 2014 .

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