LG has sold ten million LTE terminals

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LG Electronics announced today that it has sold more than ten million 4G LTE smartphones worldwide even though its market share has declined.

The announcement comes just six months after the company said it had surpassed five million LTE smartphones sold, demonstrating the push that this South Korean company for the next generation of mobile networks.

LG also said it expects to double its presence in the LTE market in 2013, when the sale of handsets with this technology for 4G triple. Market researcher Strategy Analytics said since last December that according to its global sales of LTE products would reach 275 million this year.

The company attributes this growth to explosive growth during the past year has been in markets like the U.S., Germany and South Korea. The recent launch of LG Optimus G in more than 50 countries has also contributed, according to a statement issued by the company, to achieve this, more impressive when you consider that LG continues to lose market share.

According to the latest data , in the third quarter of 2012 the market share of LG fell to 9% from 15% in previous quarters. Samsung remained the market leader in LTEeven though its share fell from 51% to 40%. With a share of 26.7%, Apple is in second place in the ranking.

Certainly the announcement of more than ten handsets sold comes shortly after LG had revised its Android product line in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , which ended a few days ago and where the company showed its G series of high-end, the Series F, with which sought to provide “LTE for All” and the low-end L series.

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