LG adopts the term “Ultra High Definition” for the next generation of Smart TVs

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Terminology that had appeared, especially among the media, was the “4K”, derived from the horizontal resolution.

The new generation of Smart TVs super high resolution is coming, but which category fit?While screens resolution of 720p and 1080p adopted the name “High Definition” (HD) in recent years, following the technology currently has no official name.

Terminology that had appeared, especially among the media, was the “4K.” Derived from the horizontal resolution, about 4000 pixels, it is used by the emerging digital cinematography and the television standard. The term has functioned so far although the supplier, LG, coined the term “Ultra Definition (UD)” during the launch of the first set of Smart TV 4K, the 84LM9600 of 84 inches , in early September.

At the end of the month, a group of consumer electronics industry in the U.S., the “4K Working Group of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)” proposed the use of the term for Ultra High Definition 4K TV sets. The ratio used to discard the nickname 4K is that it can cause confusion, since it is not immediately obvious to people what the abbreviation means for 4000. 

According to the general manager of marketing at LG Electronics Australia, Skropodis Lambro is a change that pleases suppliers. “We believe it is important to help consumers navigate this new market,” he said. “So we embrace this new terminology to better inform consumers, who are already familiar with the term” high definition “. Skropodis confirms that LG will immediately apply the new term.

From now on, the product will be officially designated by the seller as the LG 84 “Ultra High Definition TV” or “Ultra HD TV.”

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