Lenovo wants to go beyond the PC

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What if Steve Jobs was right? What if it turns out that, nearly three years after his sentence, he was right? Are computers like trucks? Just in case, Lenovo, a leading Chinese manufacturer. About to overtake HP , the company that bought the PC division of IBM  insists on opening its product. From headphones to hard drives, to phones and tablets.


Yang Yuanqing, CEO of the company wants to take positions in the world of mobile phones and tablets before it is too late. In a meeting with journalists explained his idea to bet on connected TVs but also showed no pattern.

Among the stars of his catalog is Horizon a computer that wants to be the center of family entertainment.With 27 inches of surface serves both games to work. Most of their laptops, except those inherited from IBM, provide a seal to be robust and equipment for the job. “We have to change this because it is increasingly common for the consumer bring their own devices to work. In this respect we should be more attractive, “he acknowledged.

While insisting that phones are key to the future of your company, no concrete Yuanqing when begin selling its terminals beyond emerging. Thesmartphone K900, introduced at CES, unveils low-power processors for mobile Intel. It is one of the best finishes shown at the fair. Does that opt for Intel? “We bet on everything,” says the manager, “according to the profile of the apparatus is equipped with Intel, AMD, Qualcomm and Nvidia.We are not close to anyone. “

K900 of striking the screen size of 5.5 inches. He calls directly phablet,one mobile and tablet mix. Do you think that the future is something so bulky? “Yes, at least in emerging countries, where we found that consumers spend only a phone call and send messages to asmartphone. already making an investment, they want the most for their money. “

Lenovo has been one of the manufacturers that has opted for Windows 8 with touch computers, tablets and hybrids. What they did not count is that Microsoft was to launch own manufacturing their tablets. Yuanqing trivializes the issue: “We must not fear. We have many competitors, not only Microsoft. They manufacture Surface seems to me not to take away market share, but as an example, to create a reference product in the market. “


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