Lenovo unveils smartphone that can actually project your touchscreen anywhere

The Chinese smartphone company unveiled the Smart Cast concept phone with a presentation at its Tech World conference in Beijing on May 28. Renowned concert pianist Lang Lang played around on a virtual keyboard projected by the phone, before playing on a real piano while the device acted as his sheet music.

The next trend in smartphone market might have just been unveiled by Lenovo in China: a built-in laser projector that turns any surface into a touchscreen and is finally giving the people what they want: The ability to turn your wall into theatre screen to watch videos and play games on your table. The smartphone uses a built-in “focus-free” laser projector and infrared motion detectors to get the job done. By “twisting” the phone’s lens, you can toggle it between standard projector mode, which beams your display onto a wall, to surface mode, which projects the screen onto a flat surface, like a desk or table.

The technology has previously only been seen in concept videos, but Lenovo’s Smart Cast appeared in a phone the company is placing on sale, although there are no details as yet of when, and if it will go on-sale outside of China.

Lenovo made the announcement at its Tech World conference in Beijing, and it forms part of a continued effort by the tech giant to change the public perception of what it does. Lenovo is the world’s biggest PC maker, but having bought Motorola’s smartphone business last year it is now also the world’s third largest smartphone maker.

And it wasn’t just smartphones Lenovo were discussing, the firm also showed off the concept for a dual-screen smartwatch that they say ends the worry over screen size on wearables.

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