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HP is no longer the world’s largest manufacturer of computers. This is what accounts say Gartner, which says it has 15.5% of the market compared to 15.7% of China’s Lenovo, however, accounts IDC gives that HP profit margin ahead of the Chinese brand.According to Gartner, in a year HP has lost four points regarding Lenovo market.

The differences between the two consultants explained that while the first calculated based on equipment from the factory, the other does served depending on the store.

It would be the first time that HP cede leadership in six years. And it comes at a time of crisis for the company, with a stock that has lost 45% of its value since the beginning of the year, with the change of CEO, and doubts about the sale of the PC division, as did seven years ago IBM,when he sold it to Lenovo. The arrival of the current CEO Meg Whitman stopped that idea, although reshuffle.

The crisis is the crisis of HP computer, then fell another quarter sales: 87.5 million units, up 8.3% (8.6% according to IDC) a year ago. In the decade before the double-digit increases were due primarily to hook thenotebook, the netbook designed to connect to the Internet.

Now, the treat for the consumer is the tablet, that these statistics are not counted. The tablet is stopping the sale of fish, although it is expected that the output of the Windows 8 operating system, in a few weeks, something the anime industry. Dell, world’s third largest, and Acer, the fourth, also have been losing sales and market share market. 

Gartner data arriving on the same day that IHS announces that, in 2012, for the first time in 11 years, selling computers in the world will be reduced. That is 1.2% lower, reaching 348.7 million units. “There is great hope in the first half of the year there was a market rebound,” said Craig Stice, an analyst at IHS. “Now with three quarters of last year and the season of the beginning of the school, we do not. ‘Forecasts also chipmakers Intel and AMD are flat.”

The year had begun with optimism after the announcements at CES in Las Vegas new Ultrabook PCs and the new Microsoft operating system for mobile devices.

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