Lenovo makes a turn to Windows 8

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The Asian company Lenovo has performed in  its portfolio of devices with Windows 8 operating system, three laptops betting, how could it be otherwise, for the touch control.The three become ‘tablets’, connecting either by folding or turning the keyboard. “We have put all our thrusts in Windows 8,” said the company.

Yoga IdeaPad, ThinkPad and IdeaTab Lynx Twist are the three convertibles that Lenovo has launched, which hopes to strengthen its position in the business environment and the public sector.

   “For us the hero is the product and all our categories have had a very good acceptance. We are generating an embryo that can become very large , “said the general manager of Lenovo.

The Ultrabook IdeaPad Yoga is a convertible that has two versions : an 11-inch and a 13 inch . This team features the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, and a third-generation processor Intel Core i7. It folds back on itself to become ‘tablet’ and hence the use of the popular Eastern discipline in its name.


    The Twist ThinkPad has a 12.5-inch HD display and a hard drive up to 500 GB HDD performance booster, and a hard disk of 128 GB solid. It is a very unique device that allows you to rotate the screen with a central axis and get the shape of a ‘tablet’ no keyboard. “With Windows 8 can use the touch screen device with greater efficiency and effectiveness.”

   The IdeaTab Lynx is a ‘tablet’ in itself, but can be switched on and off with a keyboard . This computer has an Intel Atom Dual Core 1.8 GHz With a 11.6-inch display, the convertible has a range of up to 16 hours with an expansion unit.

  “This type of convertible born of new consumer trends are discussed between PC and ‘tablets’, “said the director of Intel consumption, Javier Galiana. “We know that we are at a very complicated yet exciting by the number of products on the market and changing consumer tastes. “

   On the coup in his pocket, Lenovo has a wide range of prices ranging from 399 to 1400 euros. “Customers are demanding high-end products. Our demand is that. Not that we want to put in a market lower, but that’s what we ask. “

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