LED bulbs are a brilliant alternative to illuminate the home

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  • They consume 80% less than conventional bulbs equivalent
  • Its long lifetime and low power consumption are some of the main advantages
  • They are more expensive, but the total cost is less over its lifetime.

These days we celebrate 50 years of practical applications, LED lighting such that most know as a red dot indicating that the walkman or other electronic pileup was on. Already in 1962, Nick Holonyak , considered “the father of the LED light “-but it is also necessary to mention the previous investigations of Russian Oleg Losev – believed that his invention will soon replace incandescent bulbs or conventional. was not so then, but it is something that begins to happen now: LED bulbs are currently in some ways a good alternative to the incandescent bulbs missing . As is also the best known alternative fluorescent lamps or “low power” improved incandescent or halogen bulbs.LEDs are small electronic components emitting semiconductor formed by light passing an electric current through them. For example, are widely used for lighting and TV screens of devices like mobile phones . This type of lighting is also increasingly used in traffic lights and illuminated signs of all kinds, including the drivers of vehicles especially in the light braking, its intensity, its light is very bright, even in broad daylight-and because his power is immediateCompared to other forms of lighting an LED works with very little power, but also their size and the amount of can emit light is much lower than other light sources .For this reason the LED bulb, regardless of form, which may be similar or even identical to the way light bulbs have “normal” – consists of an electronic circuit in which several of these LEDs. The number of LED units used depends on the amount of light (lumen) you want to achieve.

Main advantages of LED bulbs

LED bulbs are still in their initial development as light source for domestic and general, but I stand by luminous efficiency and low consumption. They are usually the type of lighting with long life . They can last, depending on the manufacturer, between 25,000 and 30,000 hours or more, which means that it may take 10 to 20 years before you have to change one of these bulbs . In home lighting LED bulbs are now suitable as a replacement for conventional light bulbs to 60 watts of power.Luminous efficiency of a LED, namely the amount of light emitted in relation to the energy consumed, is generally superior to the other types of bulbs. Compared with a conventional 60 watt bulb LED lamp that emits an amount of light similar consumes 10 watts. That is, an LED bulb spends 80% less electricity , similar to the cost savings of a fluorescent bulb. LED bulbs in the ignition is instantaneous , while the most common fluorescent bulbs take some time to fully operational. And although there are rapid start fluorescent models can not match the immediacy of power at full capacity, an LED bulb. They also support a high number of cycles on and off. In practice the life of these lamps , however, can vary . For example, your life can be significantly shortened if installed in a lamp or luminaire closed conducive heating. Or if installed outdoors.

What to consider when buying a LED bulb

The most obvious is that they are considerably more expensive than incandescent bulbs . This in principle can be enough to deter anyone from making a simultaneous change of all the bulbs in the house. Although long-term cost per unit , along its entire useful life would be much lower with the use of improved incandescent halogen, besides consuming more require a greater number of replacements. There are cases in which the LED bulbs may be the best option. For example, it is common for an LED bulb can operate with a slider to vary the intensity of the illumination , which is not possible with fluorescent lamps in general use. And it is relatively easy to change the color, allowing you to create different environments or adapt to different lighting situations or needs. Also suitable where you need a strong light immediately, as in bathrooms, garages or storage rooms. For the amount of light is sufficient to look for in the LED bulb housing the number or value of lumens. For example, between 800 and 900 lumens of light is an amount equivalent to an incandescent bulb of 60 watts of power, but the LED bulb consumes only about 10 or 12 watts. ‘re also an option to consider in cases where it is needed with artificial lighting that can view the colors faithfully. In this case the color rendering index of LED lamps is suitable provided that the lamp indicates a figure above 75. This value also tends to be reported in the box. Another important point concerns the color temperature, measured in Kelvin (K).Values of between 2,500 and 5,000 K white light is considered, a value of about 3,000 K white light with a warm tone, suitable for general lighting. LED lamps also do not contain any gas therein. Nor harmful elements such as mercury, which is toxic to health and the environment and found, although in very small amounts in the fluorescent bulbs. However, because they contain electronic circuits, LED lamps must also be removed properly through specific collection points or recycling centers.

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