Leaked new features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Recently, the Urgent Spanish Foundation, Fundéu , spoke about the word for mobile phones with large screen , a category that was born during the last days of August 2011 with the Samsung Galaxy Note and this year will protagonist smartphones Park stroll through the market. Regardless of the recommendation proposed by the said agency, the reality is that these teams are here to stay, and beyond the interest aroused by the way we understand the different manufacturers, there is no doubt that what we put on the table South Korea’s Samsung to renew the dean of the series raises a lot of curiosity.

In this sense, via Unwired View have known that in the scenes of the 2013 CES in Las Vegas next run data phablet, tabletófono or tablófono -designations there for all tastes and colors-Asian company. For starters, the screen will attack. Nothing less than a 6.3-inch panel surpass suggested by the already giant Huawei Ascend Mate , distributing equally a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels . Thus,the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 standard would border the smaller models of the tablets that the company has in its catalog , which debuted with the  Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010 , showing a panel of seven inches -.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

But that’s not all. According to argue from said medium, would be  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone to debut the new processor technology that was learned during the past Electronics Show Las Vegas . We talked about the eight-core Exynos chips 5 Octa , based on an architecture that could be defined as dual.

It is a chip that combines two units of four cores each , designed to operate with different tasks in order to be, on the whole, as efficient as possible. In other words, the entire unit would not always be in operation, but only to processes that require more power. Faced simpler tasks, one of the two units would focus on running the operation, so that the autonomy of the terminal as possible to dilate.

Unfortunately, we still do not know what would be the new smart features of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 .Since it had issued the first edition large format mobile Samsung does not only surprised by its design and dimensions, but also by the presence of unique utilities, designed to exploit the most creative and productive user. In this sense, would be to see what manufacturer has reserved the Korean for tabletófonos third generationSimilarly, one might expect to present some of the features you would see in the also rumored  Samsung Galaxy S4 , as the cameras megapixel 0:02 .

On drums reside another of the great unknowns. And that is precisely the point of autonomy is the unfinished business of an industry commitment as power and image quality, hurry push the limits of autonomy in use and the total weight of the device. The  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets more reasonable levels, but with the new batch up the ante considerably, and the solution of placing increasingly batteries amperage could reach its limit with this generation.

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