Las Vegas Tops In Ransomware Incidences: Report

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Las Vegas is not only the gambling capital of the world, but a new report says it is also the king city for ransomware.

Based on recent research a Malwarebytes report has ranked the United States as highest in ransomware incidents and most from the regions Las Vegas and Nevada.

The report is based on an analysis of about half million ransomeware incidents and reveals Mevada led in overall ransomware detections.

The tourists and conference goers are easily the prey of ransomeware as they use their laptops on probably untrusted WiFi networks, said head of malware intelligence at Malwarebytes, Adam Kujawa.

He added, “When people are having a good time, they let their guard down.”

The report writes lack of security awareness and misplaced trust contribute to increased rate of detections in regions like Las Vegas, Nevada, Detroit, Ohio and Columbus.

However, security industry will find new ways to block such ransomware and in near future it will not be a big threat as it is now. There will be dramatic decrease in cases.

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