Larry Page appoints Sundar Pichai as head of “almost everything” in Google

The executive of Indian origin and held the reins of Chrome, and Android Apps, and now will join Google Search, Maps, Google+, trading, research, and infrastructure announcements

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Larry Page has made ​​policy changes at Google. The CEO, as reported by Re / code and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), has expressed fears that Google ‘journey’ stay, so decided to make the necessary changes so that does not happen.

The key person in this scenario has been Sundar Pichai, who until now had charge of Apps, Chrome and Android. Pichai will take an even more important position and will be the leader of a large number of key products at Google. As noted by Re / code and WSJ Pichai will direct, in addition to its existing products, Google Search, Maps, Google+, trade, research, advertising and infrastructure.

Page will continue in charge of the business and operations of Google, but the change, has said in a statement to employees, will give you the opportunity to focus “the bigger picture” . Is, may have time to devote to existing or new special projects in which you are interested.

This information is based on the statement that Larry Page sent his workers and the media have been obtained. Currently, Sundar Pichaiheld in the office Twitter bio as “senior vice president of Chrome, Android and Apps.”

“As you get older, even when you’re still a teenager like Google, you have to work hard to keep you as something innovative. Innovation is disorderly, disruptive process, and people tend to act more comfortable doing what he has always done with a few minor adjustments. So I’m making changes to ensure that we continue to strive for excellence in the market beyond our existing portfolio of successful products, “wrote Page, according to a statement put forward by WSJ.

“The technological horizon is very broad and complex today, andSundar has a tremendous ability to see beyond and mobilize equipment on the very important things. We see eye to eye when it comes to a product, which makes it perfect for this role , “explained Page, CEO and co-founder of Google.

Page has stated that it will work closely with Pichai in some key products. ” Sundar will lead the meetings focused on the product , with great focus on excellence. I will be at the forefront of meetings focusing on our functional business leaders “he warned.

According to this information, Youtube continue to operate as a separate brand so Pichai not intervene between the CEO of Youtube, Susan Wojcicki, and Page.

Under this promotion, Pichai only be below Sergey Brin and Larry Page on Google’s chain of command, and becomes one of the most important people in the company

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