Lady Gaga launches its own social network, the Little Monsters

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The singer Lady Gaga, adept at social networks like Facebook and Twitter, he decided to launch its own platform, Little Monsters, named after the nickname by which refers to his fans.

The page, which was presented on Monday, has the message “Welcome home, little monsters!” (Welcome home, little monsters!). The social network will allow admirers of the singer to share news, photographs, talk to each other and acquire tickets to concerts by Lady Gaga.

“This is a place to share the passion and creativity in a community full of art, acceptance, monsters and Gaga,” the singer said.

While other stars tried previously without success to start their own social networks, the interpreter Bad Romanceis likely to revolutionize the Internet with the initiative.

The artist was the first to reach 20 million followers on Twitter, and three months later, again exceeded its own brand to become the first person over 25 million fans on Twitter.

Also, his Facebook page, with 52 million tanned, is the seventh most popular overall and third in the ranking among the artists in the world’s largest social network. The singer is second only to rapper Eminem, who has 59 million fans, and the singer Rihanna, with 58 million.

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