Kinect, Microsoft’s trump card

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Kinect was the big announcement from Microsoft at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009. This movement recognition technology was initially applied to the world of consoles.Thus, in November 2010, the Windows giant launched Kinect in addition to the Xbox 360.While the company does not break down its figures by product, industry sources say that this development has enabled Microsoft to not only improve sales of consoles, but their margins in this area.



In parallel, Microsoft has promoted pilot projects to apply this technology to other fields, such as telemedicine. The sensor uses a recognition (including interpretation of gestures, face tracking, depth of field and audio capture) are as broad as the imagination of the developers.

In this regard, the Redmond company (USA) plans to open part of Kinect source code to developers, with the goal of encouraging them to create new applications that Kinect compatible and can, in the medium to long term, make a solution usual in any PC.

Microsoft Research has developed as a new version of their Kinect technology, Full HD camera and is able to identify six users simultaneously and recognize up to 25 different points in a person.

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