Key Lime Pie will not be long in coming

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At the time, it was finally the version 4.2 of the Android operating system could be thought that  Key Lime Pie , but as this did not include some really significant developments, ended up being a Jelly Bean update that was released with the arrival of the new Nexus models on 13 November.

According to our sources , it appears that Google does not want to miss much time for the arrival of which is supposed to be the version of Android 5.0 and whose name the famous lime pie. Moreover, they indicate that there is already a device manufacturer LG in the specification including the new version of this operating system.

It would be part of the new LG Optimus G2

Specifically, the model of this company would be Optimus G2 , which will be the replacement in the high end of which is currently on the market and which have been based to design the Nexus 4. At least, this is what has been indicated from Android athority on the list of specifications here have indicated that the future will have your Asian company. Furthermore, recently also filtered on a benchmark results of a model of Sony, namely LT30i , which also include Android 5.0

What is certain is that little is known regarding the news leaks that can have real Key Lime Pie. Besides, there is an approximate that can indicate possible to launch. I do not believe is that Google wants to wait long to produce the launch, as thus continue its steady progress in the update that began with the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich. Anyway, if you now have to go for a date, this would be the month of May 2013.

Anyway, the first skirmishes of Android 5.0 are beginning to occur and, therefore, it is only a matter of time they start to get information with dates and possible inclusions in Key Lime Pie.

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