“Kaspersky Lab” reported attack on mass media sites

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Analysts “Kaspersky Lab” found massive purposeful contamination sites. This was reported on the eighth of November the website of the company.

As detailed in a blog expert “Kaspersky Lab” Vyacheslav Zakorzhevskogo, victims of attacks are website “News” news agency “Interfax”, as well as online publications, “Gazeta”, “The View” and URA.ru. All of these sites contain malicious code installed on your computer virus Lurk, programmed to steal passwords from FTP-servers.

Attack, “Kaspersky Lab” found at the end of October. Attackers acted so as long as possible to go undetected resource managers. Every day they were infected with the same sites in a short time, 30 to 90 minutes. The attacks were carried out in the middle of the day, and were at risk every day about a thousand users.

Administrators of all affected resources has already taken action and  found the source of infection – the malicious code to be sent through one of the banners. Of these, “Kaspersky Lab” resources morning eighth of November to the only site of “Interfax” experiencing technical difficulties. Resource agencies have not worked for a few hours, but then recovered.

Previous similar attack was detected , “Kaspersky Lab” in March 2012. It was reported that the victims of hackers have become sites of RIA Novosti. Earlier, in November 2011, the anti-virus company has found a series of infections, the number of victims which were sites of “Interfax”, “Express-Gazeta”, publishing house “Free Press,” .

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