Kaspersky Lab: Players increasingly being targeted by criminals

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Gamers are increasingly being targeted by internet scammers and other cyber criminals, the IT security company Kaspersky Lab warned at the currently held in Cologne GamesCom Fair.Kaspersky Lab does currently about 3.3 million different malicious programs that are targeting gamers.

The experts warn that the situation has worsened in recent months.Their analyzes, there were only 2.7 million in December 2011 gaming pests. These malicious software category is specifically designed to attack computer players. Mostly it’s about the theft of accounts for popular online games. ” The theft of virtual items and all accounts is a niche in cyber crime, but a very lucrative , “says Christian radio, a virus analyst and gaming security expert at Kaspersky Lab. ” More and more players are willing to spend real money for virtual goods in order to shorten the walk to the perfect character, and to gain an advantage over other players. “

According to Funke’s is still one of the most important protective measures to choose a complex password. This should be long enough and are not included in standard dictionaries. In addition, passwords should not be repeatedly used, ie for different accounts. 

However good the password but does not protect, however, that the access for game accounts – or other accounts – with the help of a Trojan can be read. Funke, therefore, also highlighted the importance of other security measures to minimize the risk of malware infection. This will boost players as recommended by Kaspersky Lab ” with their computers that run on operating systems and programs to keep up to date, use security services provider of games and use a current security solution, which ideally should not affect the performance of the PC. ” Many vendors of such software protection – including Kaspersky Lab itself, but also competitors such as BitDefender – now offer special solutions for computer gamers who want the performance of the computer while playing as little as possible.

Prerequisite for gamers – as well as other computer users – but was ” common sense can prevail [on] , “says Kaspersky Lab. So come on out, for example, phishing e-mails – that is fraudulent, and often with malware infected e-mails – to be recognized as such and act accordingly. Users, it is recommended that companies should ” never click on links contained in e-mail and Internet addresses, or manually enter more than the use of bookmarks. “

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